The Hot Drinks Taste-Off


Only 125 Hot Drink Taste-Off passports are available – 5 x 12oz drinks for $9!
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The delicious #niteshift14 contenders:


The Yeti Cafe

With a sweet soundtrack, healthy dishes with saucy monikers and a fabulous offbeat streak, The Yeti has quickly become a brunch Mecca for market-goers and a go-to hangout spot for many. On the evening of Saturday, November 1st, the Yeti will embark on a rare field trip and set up a pop-up shop at the KW|AG sculpture garden. There are no clear reports yet about what exactly Dirty Yeti Milk is, but it’s probably safe to assume that no actual Yetis were harmed while making it. Oh, and also it’ll be really yummy.


Cheeses Murphy

What started uptown as a great late-night outpost for slurring students also feeds daytime cravings for gourmet grilled cheese (and retro celeb references) on downtown’s Duke Food Block – which will be open for business and hosting Night\Shift HQ again this year. Perhaps the most admirable thing about this particular contender in the inaugural Hot Drinks Taste-Off is that the brains behind Cheeses Murphy, Marc Lecompte, has managed to make cheese sound irresistibly drinkable. Hats off and bottoms up.


Matter of Taste

Celebrating 10 years in business in 2014, Matter of Taste is a huge supporter of downtown arts and cultural programming (including helping raise funds for Night\Shift!), and they recently expanded to make their high-quality coffee and treats available at the new downtown KPL. Cord Community will be interviewing festival explorers at an outdoor late-night talk show in front of MoT during Night\Shift, but inside will be even tougher to resist: baristas will be whipping up made-to-order matcha lattes (aka “Green with Envy”).


Queen Street Commons Cafe

The Commons Cafe boasts the best value nutritious-and-delicious lunch in downtown Kitchener. It also makes space for a highly diverse community of people and happenings, including playing host to a super duper fun KW Poetry Slam event at Night\Shift 2013. This year the Community Music School of Waterloo Region will kick things off before a live video broadcast of Cord Community’s on-the-street interviews from outside MoT. On tap for Hot Drinks Taste-Off passport holders: Salted hot apple cider mixed with homemade caramel sauce!


Cafe Pyrus

With its dual focus on as-local-as-possible organic food and local artists, artisans and performers filling the room with what they do, Pyrus has carved out an essential, always-tempting niche for itself in the heart of downtown. Last year they kept the Night\Shift party going into the wee hours, and they’ll aim to do the same again with a late-night warm-up party featuring sultry dub and reggae jams. They’ve also been experimenting with ginger, cinnamon, cayenne, chai and anise to create a dance party for your mouth called the Spicy Soul Sipper.


Only 125 Hot Drink Taste-Off passports are available – 5 x 12oz drinks for $9!
Buy yours now!

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The NIGHT\SHIFT 2014 Lineup Reveal…

Join us on Wednesday, September 24 at 10am at 157 King St. W. for the official release of the NIGHT\SHIFT 2014 lineup.

NSThe second annual NIGHT\SHIFT festival is ecstatic to announce its plans to animate 40 indoor and outdoor venues in downtown Kitchener with performances, installations and acts of participatory creativity on Saturday, November 1st, 2014. Councillor Dan Glenn-Graham will join festival director Eric Rumble on Wednesday, September 24 at 10am at 157 King St. W., Kitchener, to highlight the official release of the one-night-only event’s 2014 lineup.

SwiggyThis year’s participatory activities will also include a handful of pre-festival collaborative events that will contribute to NIGHT\SHIFT attractions and interactions. Events planned for late September and throughout October include the chance to create masks and small shrines, to carve enough Jack-o-lanterns to fill a downtown park and to help construct oversized aquatic creatures out of discarded single-use plastic bottles.

“We’re hoping to enable more community building at NIGHT\SHIFT 2014 by crowdsourcing a few festival attractions,” says Rumble. “I want to establish NIGHT\SHIFT as a recurring opportunity for locals to be involved in reimagining the raw possibilities of their city and its social spaces. The intention is that everyone and anyone can express their own creative thinking alongside some great programming from an amazing lineup of diverse professional artists and placehackers.”

Photo by Agnes Niewiadomski.

Last year’s inaugural NIGHT\SHIFT festival drew more than 3,000 participants to observe and interact with contributions from more than 50 artists in 20 downtown Kitchener locations, including parks, parking lots, alleyways, streets, small businesses and cultural institutions. The communal nocturnal adventure festival’s landscape is designed for walkable exploration of great public and private spaces, and to peel back the layers of creative talent in Waterloo Region.

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