The NIGHT\SHIFT 2014 Lineup Reveal…

Join us on Wednesday, September 24 at 10am at 157 King St. W. for the official release of the NIGHT\SHIFT 2014 lineup.

NSThe second annual NIGHT\SHIFT festival is ecstatic to announce its plans to animate 40 indoor and outdoor venues in downtown Kitchener with performances, installations and acts of participatory creativity on Saturday, November 1st, 2014. Councillor Dan Glenn-Graham will join festival director Eric Rumble on Wednesday, September 24 at 10am at 157 King St. W., Kitchener, to highlight the official release of the one-night-only event’s 2014 lineup.

SwiggyThis year’s participatory activities will also include a handful of pre-festival collaborative events that will contribute to NIGHT\SHIFT attractions and interactions. Events planned for late September and throughout October include the chance to create masks and small shrines, to carve enough Jack-o-lanterns to fill a downtown park and to help construct oversized aquatic creatures out of discarded single-use plastic bottles.

“We’re hoping to enable more community building at NIGHT\SHIFT 2014 by crowdsourcing a few festival attractions,” says Rumble. “I want to establish NIGHT\SHIFT as a recurring opportunity for locals to be involved in reimagining the raw possibilities of their city and its social spaces. The intention is that everyone and anyone can express their own creative thinking alongside some great programming from an amazing lineup of diverse professional artists and placehackers.”

Last year’s inaugural NIGHT\SHIFT festival drew more than 3,000 participants to observe and interact with contributions from more than 50 artists in 20 downtown Kitchener locations, including parks, parking lots, alleyways, streets, small businesses and cultural institutions. The communal nocturnal adventure festival’s landscape is designed for walkable exploration of great public and private spaces, and to peel back the layers of creative talent in Waterloo Region.

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Slammin’ Jammin’ Give-a-Damnin’ Janice Lee

Photo by Stefan Chirila

Janice Lee is a spark. She’s a singer-songwriter, poet, actor, storyteller and organizer whose impact on the Kitchener-Waterloo community has been enormous. Lee’s contagious energy ignites the packed rooms at the KW Poetry Slam (which she co-founded in 2011), lights up the dance floor at local spots like Club Abstract, and inspires other artists and activists across the region to find – and raise – their own voices. It’s no wonder this fierce advocate for creativity, the environment and the value of community building was named Waterloo Region’s Best Arts Mover and Shaker by Cord Community Edition in 2013. Whether taking an audience on a journey or collaborating with her friends and fellow artists, Lee knows how to meet people where they are and take them where they need to go.

Lee is also the organizing force behind the Poetry Slam Decathlon that will take over the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery after hours during NIGHT\SHIFT 2014 on Saturday, November 1st. The event will feature two teams of five slam poets (from the region and beyond) in a 10-round head-to-head competition, featuring events like haiku death match, compliment rap battle and rhyme-off. Poets will also perform improvised pieces based on visuals from KW|AG’s fabulous fall exhibitions (which include Lynne Cohen’s haunting photography and Jason de Haan’s sculptural transformations).

5 Reasons Why Janice Lee Rules

1] She’s a sharp-witted poet and huge social justice booster…

2] She tells great stories…

3] She makes sweet music (and goofy music videos)…

4] She stands up for the planet…

5] She knows how to have fun in the cold…

Watch Cartoons to Support Night\Shift!

CartoonPartyIndulging in a few hours’ worth of Saturday morning cartoons and all-you-can-eat sugary cereal is a rare treat for most folks. Luckily for local kids, teens and adult-sized kids, the Registry Theatre is hosting a fabulous opportunity to fill up on both at 10am on Saturday, October 4th!

Better still, the Registry has agreed to donate half of all proceeds from tickets sold through the Night\Shift website to support this year’s festival. In other words, we’re teaming up to turn a nostalgia-fuelled sugar binge into a force for good!

Tickets are $13 for adults, $7 for kids. Jammies encouraged.

Buy tickets using the buttons below. Quantity can be adjusted on the PayPal webpage. Click on both buttons (one at a time) to buy both adult and kid tickets (the PayPal page will refresh accordingly).



The Registry Theatre is at 122 Frederick St. in Kitchener.